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Dental insurance is different than…

Typically with dental insurance there is an annual deductible and it will pay a percentage on the procedure up to about $1500 maximum. Some people have $1000 maximum per year while others have $2000. Thus, even if your insurance covers 100% of a procedure, that is only up to your annual maximum and they have the final say on whether they want to cover it at all. Essentially, having dental benefits is helping you get a discount on treatment.

In our practice, about 50% of our patients have dental insurance. Hence, there are other options out there for people who don’t have insurance.

We offer a loyalty program called HoustonCare and this enables you to get preventative dental care for about the “cost of a cup of coffee” per day. It also provides you with a discount on dental treatment with no deductible and no exclusions on any type of treatment or an annual maximum.

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Lastly, we do offer patient financing called CareCredit, so that you can break-up the cost of treatment over 12 months.

Dental insurance can be helpful, but most people don’t have it, so we have come-up with alternative options to help our patients afford quality dental care. Dr. Thomas Houston Eugene Oregon Cosmetic and Family Dentist.


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