Bone Grafting & Dental Implants

Bone grafting is a safe, effective, and very common procedure in oral surgery. If you have been told that you would benefit from a bone graft, you probably have many questions. Please see our bone grafting FAQs below and call us at Eugene Office Phone Number (541) 485-6646 with any additional questions you have!

Bone Grafting FAQs

What is dental bone grafting? 

Bone grafting is the process of introducing bone materials to a depleted site in the jawbone in order to encourage the body to grow new bone.

Why do I need a bone graft to get dental implants?

Because dental implants are screwed directly into the bone, there must be adequate bone, to begin with. If your jawbone has receded, we will need to rebuild the bone before placing your dental implant.

Do I have to have bone grafting when my tooth is extracted? 

In many cases, grafting can (and should) be done at the time of extraction to minimize bone resorption.

What are bone grafts made of? 

Bone grafting materials can be synthetic or natural (donated from cows (“bovine”) or cadavers (human)).

How long does the procedure take? 

The surgery takes just 1-2 hours. The grafting material is then left alone for a few months to encourage new bone growth.

Does bone grafting hurt?

Some patients report some soreness and discomfort for a day or two following surgery, which can be controlled with over-the-counter medications.

When can I resume work after bone grafting?

Most patients go back to work the day after surgery. Some even return the same day!

If you still have questions about bone grafting, we would love to hear from you! 

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